In Which We All Learn About Construction

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In Which We All Learn About Construction

Do you know when we first learned the basics about construction? It might sound silly to admit this, but it was not until we had a sun room added onto our home. As the construction workers made plans, sourced materials, and then put up the structure, we were sure to ask a lot of questions and to observe the actions they took. And you know what? We were hooked! From that point on, it has been one of our goals to learn more about construction and contractors. Part of our learning journey has been to create this website and share it with you.


Air Conditioner Options For Your She-Shed

8 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Whether you are a constant crafter or just want your own little dwelling where you can get away, the she-shed can be a really attractive addition to your property. The availability of premanufactured sheds and buildings makes it relatively simple to get the dwelling you want for your own private purposes. However, once the shed is delivered, the real work must get started. No she-shed is going to be fun to hang out in if you can't be comfortable while inside. Read More …

Speculative Houses Or Custom Homes - Which One Is Best For You?

26 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Speculative houses and custom homes are two great options for the prospective home buyer that's interested in something brand new and tailored to their desires. They both allow personalized designs to be incorporated into the house, and they help avoid the risks and costs associated with buying pre-owned houses. However, both come with their own specific drawbacks. If you are interested in buying a new house without any prior use, then you will need to understand your options. Read More …

4 Odd Noises Your AC Condenser Might Make And What Can Cause The Sounds

16 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you step outside and notice your air conditioner making odd noises, it can be startling and worrisome. The condenser makes noise normally when it starts up and shuts down, but when you hear new sounds, it's time to investigate the problem. Here are four sounds the condenser can make and what could be causing them. 1. Clicking And Humming Could Be A Bad Capacitor A new clicking or humming sound might be coming from a capacitor that's going bad. Read More …

Top Reasons To Install Foam Insulation In Your Attic

3 June 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Right now, the attic in your home might not be properly insulated. It might not have any insulation at all, or if it does, the insulation might not be in the best shape. If this is the case, then you should explore the option to install foam insulation. If you're wondering if it's really worth it to have insulation installed in your home or if you are wondering why foam insulation can be a better idea than some of the other types of insulation that are available, then consider these reasons why foam insulation can be a great addition. Read More …

Construction Sites: What Can You Do to Keep Trespassers Away?

22 May 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're currently constructing a retail building for your clients, you probably don't want strangers trespassing on the property. But if people keep entering the structure, even with warning signs in place, take action today. Keep trespassers away from your construction site below. Place Remote Cameras on the Property Keeping your client's unfinished building safe from crime may be one of the most important concerns for you right now. Although not all trespassers vandalize or take things from building sites, some people may cause problems for you and your clients. Read More …