Know These Telltale Signs That Termites Are Invading Your Property

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Know These Telltale Signs That Termites Are Invading Your Property

6 August 2020
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If you are like most homeowners, you cringe at the thought of something tragic happening to your home. There are numerous things that can occur when homes are not properly cared for. This is why there are several maintenance and inspection objectives homeowners usually complete on a routine basis. Some individuals place significant attention to their plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems. All of these systems can cause structural damages and hazardous conditions when they are not well-maintained. 

You should not overlook or dismiss the damage that pests can cause if they invade your property. Termites are a type of pest that can cause significant structural damage if an infestation goes undetected or untreated. Termite pest control should be one of the key maintenance services you get performed at your home, especially if you have a variety of wood products that make up your home. The following points will help you understand how to reduce the chances of a termite infestation occurring on your property.

Find Entry Points

Most pests will need entry points to gain access to your home. This is why homeowners who want to ward off pests such as termites and cockroaches need to ensure that they find potential entry points and seal them off. This needs to be done even if you see something as simple as a small hole. Some things such as cutouts in building materials to run wires or cabling may seem normal, but the areas around these openings need to be sealed off. 

Use Caution When Storing and Using Wood Products

Termites like to feed off of wood. This does not mean that they will only seek your home for forming colonies. A colony can form near your home resulting in additional colonies that may eventually seek your home to habitat. Store wood products as far away from your home as possible. Logs intended for use in fireplaces and wood stoves are ideal for termites. You also need to pay attention to your landscaping. Termites may populate in rotting trees. They may also be attracted to mulch and other supplies used in landscaping.

A pest control company is a good resource to use in your termite control efforts. They can perform routine inspections and treat your property to identify and discourage termite colonies from forming. These professionals can also inspect around your property and inform you of environments in the vicinity of your home that could be ideal for termite colonies to form.

Even with the best precautions, termites could still try to invade your property if you live in a dense area that is known to have the ideal environment and climate for termites to reproduce and flourish. This is why it is imperative to include pest control services in your efforts to keep termites at bay. For more information about termite control, reach out to a professional.