Good Maintenance And Repair For Your Asphalt Driveway

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Good Maintenance And Repair For Your Asphalt Driveway

20 June 2023
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Your driveway can last for years with routine use when you take the time to clean and repair your asphalt. Small cracks in your asphalt can get worse over time, and they can be patched easily to protect the integrity of the driveway. If you have an oil spill, cleaning the surface will help prevent damage. Pay attention to fluid leaks on your asphalt, and make sure the surface doesn't have any major damage. Invest in sealcoating every few years to protect the top layer of asphalt, and know when it's time to have your driveway replaced.

Small Cracks in Asphalt

There are a number of reasons you might have cracks in your asphalt. Rapidly changing temperatures, extreme weather events, or heavy machinery parked on your driveway can all lead to cracks in the asphalt. If there are weeds growing in the cracks, this is only going to cause the cracks to widen. When you have cracks that are less than an inch thick, these cracks should be cleaned out and refilled with asphalt. When you ignore cracks, water can get below the surface of your driveway and damage the base. If the water gets below and freezes, this can cause ice to form and push up on the asphalt.

Stains on Your Asphalt

Oil spills or other fluid stains can damage the surface of your asphalt. When these types of spills are not cleaned up, the damage to your asphalt can be extensive. To prevent oil or chemicals from ruining your asphalt, clean off the surface of your driveway if you find spills. It is also a good practice to wash down and sweep your driveway monthly during periods of heavy use.

Your Driveway is Fading

Fading doesn't mean you have to get a new driveway right away. Asphalt can fade after a few years, but will still be a durable surface for your driveway. Sealcoating can be used to add a small, thin layer of asphalt on top of your existing driveway. This will give your driveway a fresh, dark appearance, and prolong the life of your existing surface.

Take good care of your asphalt driveway, and have any damage repaired as soon as you find it. Make sure that cracks are filled in, and any debris in existing cracks is removed. Take care of spills when they occur, and invest in routine repairs when you have an issue.

For help with your driveway, contact an asphalt paving contractor in your area.