Roofing Installation Facts: Why New Roof Installation Is Better Than A Roof-Over

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Roofing Installation Facts: Why New Roof Installation Is Better Than A Roof-Over

13 September 2022
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When you're dealing with any kind of roofing damage or just signs of aging, you may be ready to have it replaced. As you start talking with roofing contractors, you'll find that you often have two choices in this process. You can either have your replacement roof installed over top of the existing one, or you can have the existing one stripped away and then a whole new roof installed. Here's a look at some of the reasons why it's best to just have the existing roof removed and a new one installed in its place.

You Don't Know The History Of The Roof

One of the biggest reasons to consider having the existing roof stripped away is that you don't know the history of the roof. If the roof in question was already there when you bought the house, you can't say for sure what process was followed when it was installed. That's why you should have the existing roof removed. You may uncover indications that the roof wasn't installed properly, or it will give you the chance to build a roofing structure that you are familiar with in its entirety.

It Can Uncover Hidden Issues

There's no way for you to be sure that the underlayment of the existing roof is in good condition, that there's no water damage beneath the roofing surface, or that your roof is free of mold and other hazards. If you simply apply the new roof over the existing material, you might find that you're just covering up damage that's going to continue to spread. As your roofing contractor removes the existing roofing material, he or she may uncover problems like these that can then be addressed and corrected, protecting your home from further problems.

It May Be Required Where You Are

In certain areas, a roof-over, or installing a new roof on the existing one, isn't permitted by local building codes. In other areas, you're only allowed to do so if there isn't already a second layer of roofing material in place. You'll need to talk with your roofing contractor about the regulations where you live so that you stay in compliance. 

These are just a few of the many things that you need to understand when it comes to roof replacement. Whether you've been thinking about just having the new roof installed on the old one or you are just now exploring your options, consider these points when you talk with your roofing contractor about just stripping the old roof away to install a whole new roofing infrastructure instead.