3 Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass With A Synthetic Thatch Layer Around The Blades

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3 Benefits Of Installing Artificial Grass With A Synthetic Thatch Layer Around The Blades

31 August 2022
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Grass lawns will naturally develop a layer of thatch at the base of the blades. Whenever you mow a lawn, the cut grass blades will fall into the soil and start to decay. They'll curl up and change in color to yellow or black. Even if you don't mow the lawn, the grass blades that naturally die will lean over and become thatch.

Since artificial grass doesn't need to be mowed and doesn't die, it won't produce any thatch layer. However, companies who make artificial grass have been adding a synthetic thatch layer to the mats to make it more closely resemble a natural grass lawn that dies and decays. If you're thinking about replacing your lawn with artificial grass to make it easier to maintain, it's a good idea to choose a product that contains a thatch layer. To learn why, read on to learn the three benefits of including a thatch layer in synthetic grass.

1. Thatch Makes an Artificial Lawn Look More Like Natural Grass 

A natural lawn will always have a thatch layer unless it has been recently raked, so installing synthetic grass with a thatch layer helps make it look more like natural grass. High-quality synthetic thatch layers mix multiple colors together, like yellow and brown, which makes it look like blades of grass that are undergoing different stages of decomposition. If you're looking for the most realistic artificial turf possible, then it's important to pick grass with a thatch layer.

2. Synthetic Grass With Thatch Is Softer and More Comfortable

Another benefit of choosing synthetic grass with a thatch layer is that it makes the grass more comfortable to walk on. The thatch layer below the blades of grass provides extra cushion for your feet when you're walking on it, making this type of synthetic grass perfect to use in areas where children or pets will play.

3. Added Thatch Stabilizes the Blades of Grass, Keeping Them Straight and Upright

The thatch layer in synthetic grass surrounds the base of the grass blades, so it provides them with extra support. It makes the blades of grass springier and less likely to be trampled flat when you walk on them since the thatch layer around the base will help keep them propped up. When artificial grass blades are flattened, you'll need to brush them back up with a broom in order to restore the appearance of your lawn. Installing synthetic grass with a thatch layer keeps them standing upright, which reduces your artificial turf's maintenance needs.

While synthetic grass with a thatch layer is more expensive due to the extra material involved, it's usually worth the added cost. It's more comfortable to walk on and it looks more realistic, and there's less risk of the grass becoming flattened against the mat beneath it. If you're tired of mowing your lawn and want the most realistic option possible, call an artificial turf installer in your area and ask them about installing synthetic grass with a thatch layer.