5 Ways To Make A Fireplace The Focal Point Of A Room

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5 Ways To Make A Fireplace The Focal Point Of A Room

20 December 2021
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

A fireplace should do more than warm a room. When a fireplace is well-designed, it also serves as a focal point. Let's look at five ways to make a fireplace the conversation piece it deserves to be.

Stop Being a Square

The typical fireplace is relatively square. Something like a glass linear fireplace, though, allows you to widen the design and make the fireplace more visible in a room.

Piers and Islands

People tend to think of a fireplace as a thing that goes into the wall. However, you can have a fireplace take up space in the middle of a room. Piers jut out from walls, and this is a common approach if you want to install something interesting like a glass contemporary fireplace. Islands are standalone fireplaces that people can walk around. Both designs are great if you want to provide warmth and comfort for many guests, and the designs are also instantly conversation-worthy.


Strong materials choices can make any fireplace a winner. A stone rectangular fireplace, for example, will stand out in virtually any room with relatively simple walls. Particularly if you go with a fairly large one, the stone will make an impression.

Bear in mind, the materials around the fireplace should be the star. A fireplace doesn't need a gigantic opening unless you have a practical reason for it. A stone contemporary fireplace can take up a major portion or the entirety of a wall. This makes it an instant focal point in all but the visually busiest of rooms.


People tend to assume a fireplace has to have a back. However, if you use a glass rectangular fireplace on a pier or island for a project, you can have glass in the back. The space on the other side will be visible, and you can even use this approach to provide a fireplace for two rooms. Given people will want to look through the glass, the fireplace will be their focus by default.

Large Base

The traditional fireplace is almost flush with the floor. However, you can build one with a large base that raises it well above the floor. Such a design will move the fire closer to eye level. Combined with the large base, this sort of fireplace is hard to miss. Pairing a strong base with a distinctive materials choice, such as a stone rectangular fireplace, will amplify the visual impact.