Gutter Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

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Gutter Cleaning Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

27 October 2021
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Some properties have gutters around their roofs because they're not sloped enough to allow for proper drainage. If you have these structures, here are a couple of cleaning tips that can help them work to their full potential long-term.

Pressure Wash the Downspouts

If you don't clean your gutters that often, what can happen is dirt, leaves, and other debris pile up in the downspouts. You don't want to leave them in this state because then water won't properly flow from your gutters to the surrounding property.

You'll have an easier time cleaning gutter downspouts when you just use a pressure washer. You can shoot pressurized water up these structures, getting all of the sides thoroughly for an effective clean. You can also pressure wash the exterior to ensure the downspout's materials don't start breaking down.

Clean With Another Person

If you are planning to perform gutting cleaning without professional assistance, then it's a good idea to grab someone who can help you. Maybe it's a spouse or family member. They can make this cleaning task a lot easier to complete and safer as well.

For instance, they can hold the ladder while you stand on it to remove leaves and other things inside your gutters. They can also get trash bags ready for when you're ready to dispose of the contents inside your gutters. Even if they don't help you directly, having an extra set of hands and eyes can improve your overall safety.

See How Quick Your Gutters Get Dirty

Every gutter system will have different cleaning needs. Some may need to be cleaned more often than others, for example. So that you put together the right cleaning frequency for these structures around your home, take time to see how quickly your gutters get dirty.

Then you can focus on an optimal cleaning interval that prevents clogs from developing and your roof from taking damage. It might be every other week, every month, or a couple of cleanings throughout the year. You just need to study the behavior of your gutters and then you can respond to them appropriately.

Gutter cleaning is something you'll want to perform to keep these structures clear and clog-free. You don't need to have a lot of specialized tools to complete this cleaning either. You just want to have a sound approach that targets this system at the right times, so that it can perform well when it's truly needed. 

For more information on gutter cleaning, contact a professional near you.