Top Things Your Roof Replacement Service Should Do Before Beginning Your Roof Installation

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Top Things Your Roof Replacement Service Should Do Before Beginning Your Roof Installation

26 August 2020
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If you are having your home's roof replaced, you might be anxious and ready for the project to begin. However, there are certain things that your roofing contractor will typically need to do before beginning the roof installation process. These are some of the top things that your roofing contractor will probably need to take care of before the actual installation work begins. 

Ensure You're Clear on Pricing

It is never a good idea for a roofing contractor to start doing any work on a homeowner's home until the homeowner is fully aware of what the project is going to cost. Therefore, before your roofing installer begins replacing your roof, they should give you a quote with a thorough breakdown of prices. Then, they should talk to you about when the money will need to be paid and about the payment options that you can make use of.

Order Your Roofing Materials

When your roofing crew arrives at your home, they should have all of the roofing materials that are needed for the project with them. After all, you don't want your roofing contractor to start working on your roofing installation before they have everything that they need. Your roofing contractor should help you choose the roofing material for your home and should arrange for delivery of the appropriate roofing materials to your property before they ever get started.

Rent a Dumpster

It is typically the responsibility of the roofing contractor to remove and get rid of all of the roofing materials on top of a home before they begin the installation. They should also be responsible for getting rid of any packaging or other debris from the new roofing materials. In many cases, roofing contractors rent a dumpster for this purpose. If they don't, then they typically have a utility trailer or a pickup truck that is large enough to haul away all of the debris. If you are concerned about this, ask your roofing contractor about whether or not they plan on disposing of the old roofing materials for you, and ask about how they plan to do so.

Setting up All of the Equipment

Lastly, your roofing contractor should make sure that they have the appropriate ladders, scaffolds, safety harnesses and other equipment on the job site before beginning work. Typically, contractors will carefully inspect and set up their equipment when they first arrive at a job site so that they will be prepared to get to work.

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