Air Conditioner Options For Your She-Shed

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Air Conditioner Options For Your She-Shed

8 July 2020
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Whether you are a constant crafter or just want your own little dwelling where you can get away, the she-shed can be a really attractive addition to your property. The availability of premanufactured sheds and buildings makes it relatively simple to get the dwelling you want for your own private purposes. However, once the shed is delivered, the real work must get started. No she-shed is going to be fun to hang out in if you can't be comfortable while inside. Therefore, you are definitely going to want some type of air conditioner. Here is a look at some of the air conditioner options you may have for your she-shed. 

Consider a small window AC for smaller she-sheds. 

The go-to choice for a lot of new she-shed owners is simply a window air conditioner. You really will not need a large unit to keep a she-shed cool if you have a typical floor plan. The biggest downfall to window units over a more permanent cooling system installation is the fact that a window unit can take up valuable window space. You can have an air conditioner installer create an opening in the wall where a window unit can be mounted if you prefer not to use your window space. 

Look for a mini-split that can pull double duty. 

Mini-split systems have two components: one that produces cool air with a fan inside the house and one that has an exhaust system for the exterior. These systems work well in small spaces, so they could serve the average-sized she-shed quite well. Best of all, the majority of ductless mini-split air conditioners can also serve up heating with an electric heating function. Therefore, you can get the heating and cooling you need to stay comfortable year-round in your small space. 

Connect your she-shed to your home's AC system. 

If you already have a central cooling system or a zoned cooling system in the house, you may be able to tap into that system to keep your she-shed comfortable. For example, if you have a she-shed that is relatively close to the house and you have a central air system in the house, a contractor can help you install a duct from the house to the she-shed and a vent to connect it to in your little shed. This will automatically keep the shed the same temperature as it is in the house, which can be nice. 

For more information, reach out to a professional who provides air conditioner installation services.