Construction Sites: What Can You Do to Keep Trespassers Away?

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Construction Sites: What Can You Do to Keep Trespassers Away?

22 May 2020
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If you're currently constructing a retail building for your clients, you probably don't want strangers trespassing on the property. But if people keep entering the structure, even with warning signs in place, take action today. Keep trespassers away from your construction site below.

Place Remote Cameras on the Property

Keeping your client's unfinished building safe from crime may be one of the most important concerns for you right now. Although not all trespassers vandalize or take things from building sites, some people may cause problems for you and your clients. The loss or theft of tools, materials, and equipment can have a great impact on you and your client's finances. You may be able to deter trespassers by placing multiple cameras and webcams around the building site. The equipment should come with remote capabilities that allow you to monitor the site throughout the day and night, including weekends and holidays. The equipment should also come with playback features. If someone takes anything from the site, you can use the playback features to help you identify the individual. If the actions above don't deter trespassers or crime, place a fence around the property.

Place a Fence Around the Property

Some criminals and trespassers can be persistent, even with signs and camera equipment in place. However, the individuals may think twice about entering your work site if it's surrounded by a fence. You don't want to install just any fence around the property. You want to use a commercial fence to protect your client's building. Commercial fences may be stronger, wider, and taller than residential fences. Commercial fences also come with security features that help deter trespassers, such as barb wire, spikes, and locks. The fences may or may not come with automated controls, which allow you to open and close them remotely. The controls may allow you to connect your remote camera system to it as well. You want to obtain a fence from a commercial supplier or dealer. A dealer may be able to inspect or view the construction site and help you obtain a fence that works best for it. The inspection may also reveal other areas of the construction site that can benefit from fencing, such as the parking lot or equipment storage unit. 

If you're tired of trespassers entering your client's building site and need help securing it, contact a supplier or dealer today about commercial fencing.