Myths About Disposing Of Scrap Metal

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Myths About Disposing Of Scrap Metal

2 April 2018
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When it comes to disposing of old metal components, tools and other items, the use of a recycling service can be extremely convenient. Yet, there are misconceptions surrounding what individuals should expect from using these services for their items of scrap. This can make it all but impossible for a person to effectively evaluate all of their options for managing the disposal of these items.

Myth: Only Precious Metals Can Be Sold To Scrap Metal Recyclers

There are many people that will be under the impression that they can only use scrap metal buying services if they are needing to dispose of items that are made of precious metals. However, it is possible for individuals to use these services to dispose of metals such as steel, iron and copper.

Myth: Recycling Metal Is Harmful For The Environment

Due to the processing that recycling metal will be required, individuals might assume that this option can be somewhat damaging to the environment. However, recycling metal can be extremely environmentally friendly. While there will be some energy needed to melt down and process the metal, this will be far less stressful on the environment than what is needed to mine raw metals from the ground. As a result of the environmental benefits of recycling scrap metal, there are many communities and states that will offer various tax incentives to encourage companies to utilize these services for disposing of their items that are made of recyclable metals.  

Myth: Any Metal Can Be Recycled And Sold For Scrap

Unfortunately, it is important to be mindful of the fact that not every metal item can be recycled. This is due to the reality that many of these items may contain chemicals that could be very hazardous during the processing of the scrap metal. For example, metal that has gasoline or diesel fuel residue on it may not be viable for this type of processing due to the risk of combustion. Also, some metals will have coatings that could be released into the air when the metal is melted. Luckily, metal recycling services will provide their clients with lists that outline the items and types of metal that can be safely processed by these services. Placing a list of the accepted metal products that can be accepted by these services near the designated receptacle can help to avoid mix-ups from employees becoming confused on the types of items that are accepted. If you submit items that cannot be processed by the recycling service, you may face an additional charge due to the additional work that will be created by the need to separate these items from the materials that can be processed by these services.

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