Marble In Luxury Home Construction

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Marble In Luxury Home Construction

11 October 2022
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When building a luxury home, picking the right building materials is crucial. One material that often comes up in luxury construction is marble. Marble is a metamorphic rock known for its natural beauty. Many homes incorporate marble countertops or marble floor tiles into the interior design. Some people even buy marble statues and decorations. Learn more about marble to decide if you want to use it in your custom home construction.

Cost of Marble

50 square feet of a marble countertop costs an average of $3000. Prices vary greatly based on the quality of the marble and the finish. Marble is graded on a scale of A to D with A being the best quality. Marble can incorporate a couple of different finishes: polished, honed, leathered, and caressed. Polished finishes are the most inexpensive with a caressed finish being the most expensive. 

Additional factors that determine the price include the type of marble and its thickness. 

Types of Marble

There are hundreds of different types of marble with different coloring and patterns. Of course, there are also some popular options desired more than some of the others. Rare marble looks great, but it can add up in cost very quickly.

The most common types of marble include:

  • Makrana - $12 per square foot 
  • Pink - $25 per square foot
  • Carrara - $40 per square foot
  • Statuario - $50 per square foot
  • Black - $75 per square foot 
  • Calaccatta - $180 per square foot

Pros and Cons of Marble 

One of the greatest advantages of marble is the natural beauty it offers. No other stones provide the same intricate designs and shine. There are also countless different colors, so you're sure to find something to match your decor. You can find imitation marble, but it never quite looks the same. It's also strong and easy to clean. Home buyers love marble, so you will likely see a decent return on your investment. 

Of course, marble requires significant care to keep it looking its best. It is also susceptible to cracks, so you need to be careful not to drop heavy items on your marble counters or floors. If you do damage your marble, it can be difficult to match after the fact due to the highly unique designs.

Marble screams luxury. The appearance, strength, and desirability make it a great option, as long as it fits in your budget.

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