Reasons To Choose A Multisport Court For Your Property

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Reasons To Choose A Multisport Court For Your Property

14 September 2020
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Adding an outdoor athletic court to your property can be an exciting decision for any family that is active. From the minute that you decide to move forward with this idea, your family members will likely be evaluating the merits of each type of court. For example, a daughter who loves tennis might advocate for a tennis court, while a son who is into basketball would understandably hope for a basketball surface. One type of surface that you should consider is a multi-sport court. As its name suggests, this is a court that has a wide variety of painted lines on its surface that make it suitable for playing a range of different sports. Here are some reasons to choose a multi-sport court for your property.

It Honors Everyone's Wishes

If there are differing opinions about what kind of court would be best to install on your property, it can be difficult to choose one style. For example, you might go with a type of court that makes one child happy, but not the other. Or, you might move forward with a design that suits both of your kids, but that you and your spouse might seldom use. A multi-sport surface is ideal because it honors everyone's preferences. Multi-sport courts are available in many styles, so if there's a court sport that one family member likes, a multi-sport design can likely accommodate it.

It Accounts For Future Changes

Children can often change the sports that they play over the years for a number of reasons. If one of your children tries out for the basketball team at his or her school and doesn't make it, the child may focus on a different type of sport — badminton, for example. Choosing a multi-sport design accounts for the likelihood of this change. A multi-sport court's design can accommodate a sport that your child isn't remotely interested in now, but might take seriously several years from now.

It Can Help To Keep Everyone Together

If you were to pick a court for one specific sport, you may find that your child who loves this sport spends time in your yard — while your other child frequently visits a community park. This scenario isn't bad, but if you have to drive the latter child to and from the park, it can become a hassle. With a multi-sport design, your court can encourage the entire family, as well as friends and neighbors, to stick around your yard. For example, one group might play basketball, while a smaller group might play pairs tennis immediately afterward.

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