The Aluminum Fencing Guide To Give Your New Fence A Unique And Elegant Design

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The Aluminum Fencing Guide To Give Your New Fence A Unique And Elegant Design

29 July 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you are planning on installing a new fence, metal gives you a lot of options for custom fence designs. Aluminum is an affordable material for a new fence, and you will want to choose the right features for the design. The following aluminum fencing guide will help you give your fence a unique and elegant custom design:

  • Ornamental Aluminum Fence Sections—The aluminum fence that you have installed around your property can be improved with ornamental features. Some of the ornamental aluminum fence designs you will want to consider for your property include:
    • Ornamental Transom Features
    • Decorative Arch Features
    • Attractive Finial Features

These ornamental aluminum fence decorations are great to use in areas like the front of your home and entrances where you want to have more curb appeal.

  • Custom Designed Aluminum Entrance Gate—If you are installing an aluminum fence, you are going to need a gate that matches. Therefore, you want to consider ornamental gate features. The fence sections used to build the gate can have personalized design features added to them to make entrances more attractive and elegant than the rest of the fencing you have installed. You will want to talk to your aluminum fencing service about the personalized decorative features you want to add to the gated entrance to your home.
  • Plain Designs for Long Sections—The spires of metal fencing are the vertical pickets that make up the sections. The longer spans of fencing can have a plain design, with matching features to other decorative features, such as finials and arch designs for gated entrances. The plainer sections will be more affordable if there is a lot of fencing that needs to be installed. Even the longer sections of fencing can have ornamental features like circle details and finials that finish the top rail of the fence.
  • Capping the Top of Aluminum Fencing with Decorative Finials—The last aluminum feature that you may want to add to your fencing project is finials to finish the top of fence sections. These are the spike-like features that are common on cast iron and other metal fencing system. They are also available for aluminum fencing systems to give your new fence a more elegant design.

These aluminum fencing you have installed for your new fence can have these different custom designs. To learn more information about aluminum fencing tips, reach out to a company such as Ornamental Design Ironworks Inc